Marcus D. Miller

Brand Strategist and Lead Generation Specialist

SM Consulting and Branding, Las Vegas, Nevada USA




About Me

Marcus D. Miller is the Chief Marketing Officer at

SM Consulting and Branding.  Mr. Miller is a Keynote Speaker, Branding and Marketing Specialist who helps Entrepreneurs in a variety of industries build awareness for their personal or company brands. Mr. Miller helps facilitate and provide a wealth of innovative marketing strategies for client's in-house PR, Marketing, and Customer Experience departments.


Before starting his consulting company in 2014 , he spent 4 years carefully researching, evaluating, and discovering from experience the best innovative marketing strategies used in today's businesses. Mr. Miller has successfully helped tech companies, real estate agents, radio station owners, fitness trainers, residential leasing agents, make-up artists, aspiring authors and countless other entrepreneurs achieve their branding goals.

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